Welcome to Green Bamboo

Welcome to Green Bamboo. Fine Vietnamese Cuisine Restaurant.

We take pride in our foods and services and looking forward to bring you a pleasant and enjoyable experience dining with Vietnamese Cuisines

Here are some suggestions from our Chef to help you in ordering and enjoy our foods and services to its fullest.

Vietnamese foods are intended to be shared, especially our Entrees, this way a variety of dishes can be enjoyed together and everyone gets to experience more different tasting dishes.

The Main course can be served separately and simultaneously to everyone at the table OR again sharing the dishes. With sharing, dishes are brought to the table when the preceding dish is finished to ensure your food is served hot and fresh.

We can also arrange dishes to be brought out according to your preference, please let our waiting staffs know at time of ordering.

We hope you will have a pleasant and enjoyable dining experience at Green Bamboo.


 Management and Staffs